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Meet Marta Lacerda

Functional Movement Reflexologist &
Barefoot Training Specialist

My journey with feet started when I was 2 and I gave my first steps. Yes, it was late and I needed professional help, but I grew up to become an athlete. A swimmer, and later a waterpolo player. I was never very good at land  sports and often used the expression "I have two left feet".

Then one day I tried Reflexology, and I couldn't believe the amount of sensations and emotions that surfaced just by touching the feet. This was the beginning of my healthy obsession with the body and mind connection with feet.  

I finished my Reflexology course in 2017 and it changed my life. I knew then I would dedicate my work life to exploring the amazing world of feet. As an athlete I was always fascinated with movement and I started looking for the connection between how our feet support our body weight while standing or moving and the foot reflexes. It all started to make sense.

I believe feet play a major role on how your body and mind perceive space and the world around you. As one of the richest parts of your body in nerves, they inform the central nervous system on how your body should behave so you can stand on 2 feet without falling. 

Treat your feet and give your body a strong ally in health and longevity!

Here are some of the conditions Functional Movement Reflexology can help with:

Health Conditions:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Sinus

  • Headaches / Migraines

  • Immune System Conditions

  • Digestion and Elimination

  • IBS

  • Fluid Retention

  • SleepProblems

  • ...

Foot Conditions:

  • Plantar Fasciatis

  • Bunions

  • HeelPain

  • Neuromas

  • Joint Tension

  • Flat Foot

  • Severs

  • Balance Issues

  • Nerve Function Issues

  • ...


My Experience



In 2017 I finished my Reflexology course with Balance and Harmony School of Reflexology under the amazing teacher Mary Littlewood. I am a fully certified and insured MNRRI Reflexologist.




In 2018 I had the pleasure to attend an Orthopedic Reflexology course with the wonderful Greek teacher Spiros Dimitrakoulas. It changed the way I view reflexology and I'm forever grateful.




In the beginning of 2018 I decided to take the course of Anatomy Trains in Motion with The Art Of Motion Academy to be able to give my clients exercises do to at home between treatments and to give me a better understanding of fascia meridians. I am taking further education in this amazing modality.




In June of 2019 I  attended the fabulous course of Structural Reflexology with the fabulous Geraldine Villeneuve. With this knowledge I was able to get a better understanding of the foot mechanics and it's relationship with the reflexes of the feet.




2020 Will probably be remembered as a year of challenges but also as a year of self exploration and growth. I was lucky enough to come across the wonderful Su Jok teacher María Antonia Crevillén Puche who tought me the power of this amazing therapy.

Su Jok Technique offers simple correspondence maps that allow the entire body to be reached through the hands and feet to work in painful or unbalanced areas to relieve the pain and to help restore well-being.



Understanding the  myofacial meridians and how this relates to movement and health is truly fascinating. After Anatomy Trains in Motion I wanted to understand and learn the manual techniques developed by Tom Myers to add that amazing knowledge to my practice.




It's becoming very clear to me that Reflexology can be greatly enhanced by the understanding of Gait and Foot Function. This course was another amazing step to help me empower my clients with foot function exercises they can take home after a treatment.




This course felt like the missing link to the puzzle but also a key to a number a doors leading to the wonderful universe of the foot. 
BTS teaches how to prep the body for movement by tapping into the nervous system with barefoot science, foot to core sequencing and reflexive stability via fascial lines.



2022 was a year where it became clear that a deeper understanding of the nervous system would give a better idea on how the foot influences the body. This course gave me a better understanding of how sensory stimulation shapes motor output and how to optimize our interaction with our surroundings with stimulation coming from the eyes, ears, joints and plantar foot.



In Reflexology we often associate foot and body disfunction with emotional states. Having an understanding of the role of emotions, perception and body awareness on posture, movement and performance; how the perception of safety can influence mood, memory and movement; and learning strategies to help clients be healthier and more balanced is the perfect complement to Functional Movement Reflexology.


Why Functional Movement Reflexology?

Your feet are important because

Your Foundation

Feet are the foundation for all your body weight while standing, walking, running, dancing...

Standing and Moving

Feet are your only connection to the ground and they inform the rest of your body on how to react to it so you don't fall.

Space Awareness

Thousands of foot nerves inform your brain of where you are in space allowing you to move safely and efficiently .

They help you Heal and Restore

Eunice Ingham, the mother of modern Reflexology, was the first to realize that foot restrictions could cause problems in the upper body health and upper body weakness could also translate into foot imbalances.

Earthing / Grounding

Feet allow you to absorb the earth's electrons when you walk barefoot.

The two main science-backed benefits of earthing: Reduced Inflammation and regulation of the circadian rhythm.


"My son was very active playing soccer, GAA and Hurling up to the age of 13. However, from the age of 13 he started to suffer from Severs disease which meant he could not train or play in a game for more than 20 minutes.

He could not participate in the Football or Hurling Feile - which anyone GAA parents knows was a huge disappointment.

He was fitted for insole in foot solutions which did not work.

He went to a Physio which didn't work.

Then we heard about Martha.

After ONLY two 30 minutes sessions he was back training and playing full games. Whilst he does still have a little pain after the games, he can commit 100% to the training and to games. We will continue to attend Martha until he has fully outgrown Severs.

If someone had have told me about Martha when my son was 13, he would not have lost 1.5 years of games development which he is now catching up on.

If anyone has a child with any foot pain, I would absolutely definitely recommend that you contact Martha."


Accredited by VHI Healthcare, AVIVA Health, LAYA Healthcare and GLO Health


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