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Functional Movement Reflexology
CPD Course

This CPD course will focus on natural foot function and it’s relationship with the foot reflexes. It’s an empowering CPD that will give reflexologists new tools to help restore our clients health but also a new way to see and address the reflexes in relation to foot biomechanical imbalances.


On Day 1 we will be addressing foot biomechanics and how they relate to the body and the reflexes. Practical focus on assessment and foot warm up and release. 


On Day 2 we will be talking about the foot mechaniceptores and the nervous system. On the practical part we will be working the reflexes maximising Neurosensory input and talk about aftercare advise to restore natural foot function in clients. 

Investment: €265

Deposit: €50 (non-refundable)
NRRI CPD credits: 200

Registration Form


Please contact me if you have any questions. 

Shirley Feeney, Co. Cork

I just completed the functional movement course in reflexology. Marta went over and above to teach us everything she knows and so much more. She is an amazing teacher and passionate about her clients and students alike. I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in alternative treatments or anyone wanting to improve their own health and awareness and the health and awareness of their patients. Absolutely Fantastic. I will definitely be doing more courses with Marta in the future.
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