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Updated: Mar 2

What should we look for when buying our kids shoes?

The human foot is in constant growth until we reach our early twenties.

The choices we make do make a difference:

👟Tight shoes alter the shape of foot.

👟Hard and supportive shoes doesn’t allow for proper movement and muscle development.

👟An elevated heel alters the natural position of the hip and spine

👟Very cushioned shoes don’t allow a proper development and use of the nerves of the foot and their connection to the brain.

So what should a functional kids shoe look like? As much as being barefoot as possible.

👟Zero drop - same distance toe to ground as heel to ground, promoting the correct position of hip and spine.

👟Wide toe box - allow the toes to move and become strong

👟 Very flexible - you should be able to easily twist them to allow for muscle development

👟 Thin sole - A thin sole can protect from cuts and dirt, but allows your child to feel the ground and properly developed their nervous system.

Ideally, take their shoes off as much as possible 😊👣🌻

List of kids Minimal Shoes (website links):

Please contact me if you any questions.

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